All paintings are the original version?


-Yes! Each painting is an original piece, meaning you will always take home a unique piece.

Do you sell prints?

-No, I do not scan my paintings for prints. Each painting is handmade, embossed & signed. 

What materials do you use for the paintings?

-My paintings are based on acrylic and gouache. I sometimes work with mixed media pieces. 

Do you offer delivery?                                                                                                

-I currently paused our local delivery option. Mama life keeps me busy! but Shipping is available for all art and pottery.

How much is shipping?                                                                                            

-Toronto is  a $8 flat shipping fee. For any location outside Toronto, please select Canada shipping at checkout, it is a $15 flat shipping fee. 

Do you offer shipping outside Toronto?

-Yes! I offer Canada, US, UK shipping for all my art. 

How do you shipped the paintings and what company do you use?

-I use shipping tubes and flat mailers. The paper is also carefully wrap with another layer of wrapping for extra protection. I use CanadaPost as shipping operator.

How long does shipping orders take to arrive?

-I ship orders in between 1-2 business days. Due to covid, shipping can be delayed through Canada post but the average time to receive the order after it has been shipped is 5-6 business days (Canada) and 7-10 business days (US).

Can I exchange or refund my order?

-I'm a very small business. I hope you understand all sales are final.