Tora Studios, previously known as Art on Budget, was started with the main goal of producing unique and custom made art pieces. Now as Tora Studios my goal remains the same but I continue to explore and learn different techniques in art. Most recently, I started exploring and learning pottery. As I continue in this journey I hope I can always provide you with the best of me. Thank you for supporting my journey this far. Thank you for choosing local. 


Desiree/ Artist & Founder

Hola, my name is Desiree and I'm the artist and founder of Tora Studios. I was born in Mexico city, Distrito Federal, and came to Canada when I was about 12. I'm a self-taught artist. I work with acrylic and gouache. I started my art journey in 2019 but I have always loved to draw and create. As a teenager, I used to spend hours drawing anime and I was always amused with art that would take my mind out of this world. As I grew older I started exploring art and eventually I discover acrylic.

I sold my very first painting on Facebook market. My journey then started as a small business owner. I started working with local cafes in Toronto to exhibit my art and to bring people a distraction in their everyday life. My goal in art is simple, to explore what we can't see in our everyday life and bring it to life through my art. Creating art that will connect with you and bring you a moment of calmness. As humans, we are always so busy and concern with making a living that we can sometimes forget to live the moment. I hope my art its a reminder that you are allow to feel and that we are always growing as a person. 

My art is based on minimalist and abstract. I do not focus in politic topics but rather moments in my life that I am going through. I recently started practicing pottery and I have found a new way for me to create another way to connect with people. I hope that you enjoy my work and hopefully you will connect with an art piece or pottery. 


Desiree (Tora)